2000 Sabbatical Research


The Joint Meetings Of:
VIth International Conference of Hormones, Brain, and Behavior
The Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

August 5-9, 2000. Madrid, Spain

Krohmer, R.W., G. Bieganski, D.D. Baleckaitis and J. Balthazart. 2000. Distribution of aromatase immunoreactivity in the brain of the red-sided garter snake. Trabajos del Instituto Cajal. 77: 98-101.

Krohmer, R.W. and D.D. Baleckaitis. 2000. Does brain aromatase activity control courtship in a species with a dissociated reproductive cycle, the red-sided garter snake? Trabajos del Instituto Cajal. 77: 102-105.

Balthazart, J., G.C. Panzica and R.W. Krohmer. 2000. Anatomical relationships between aromatase-immunoreactive neurons and nitric oxide synthase as evidenced by NOS immunocytochemistry or NADPH-diaphorase histochemistry in the quail brain. Trabajos del Instituto Cajal. 77: 108-110.

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